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Natal Report for Apolo Anton Ohno


Astrology Natal Horoscope and Birth Chart for
Apolo Anton Ohno

Born: May 22, 1982


Planetary Positions at Birth
Sun:01° 05' in Gemini
Moon:21° 17' in Taurus
Mercury:15° 07' in Gemini
Venus:20° 22' in Aries
Mars:01° 04' in Libra
Jupiter:02° 18' in Scorpio
Saturn:16° 06' in Libra
Uranus:02° 40' in Sagittarius
Neptune:26° 19' in Sagittarius
Pluto:24° 30' in Libra
Conjunction: Jupiter Pluto 7º
Conjunction: Saturn Pluto 8º
Opposition: Sun Uranus 1º
Opposition: Venus Pluto 4º
Opposition: Venus Saturn 4º
Quincunx: Sun Jupiter 1º
Semi-Sextile: Jupiter Uranus 0º
Semi-Sextile: Mars Jupiter 1º
Semi-Sextile: Moon Venus 0º
Sextile: Mars Uranus 1º
Sextile: Neptune Pluto 1º
Square: Mars Neptune 4º
Trine: Mercury Saturn 0º
Trine: Sun Mars 0º
Trine: Venus Neptune 5º

The Sun in Gemini
The Sun and its place on your chart are the most important information astrology can provide you with. Your most powerful energies and force-of-will are denoted by the Sun's position.

Traits: Adaptable, Versatile, Communicative, Witty, Intellectual, Eloquent, Youthful and Lively

Dark Traits: Nervous, Tense, Superficial, Inconsistent, Cunning and Inquisitive

You were born during a period when the Sun was in Gemini. Gemini are curious and intellectual by nature. They are forever exploring people and places in their quest to attain knowledge. Bright, witty and outgoing, the Gemini charm guarantees they will be the center of attention in any crowd. Matching their intellect is a well-developed imagination.

The duality of the Gemini personality can make it difficult to know just whom you are dealing with. They sometimes appear fickle, flighty and susceptible to whim. These traits often make it difficult for Gemini to finish much of what they start. The other side of their dual personalities is they have an innate ability to multi-task, which is good since their interests are many and varied.

The Gemini Intellect is the key to their being, and provides the foundation for their skills in the art of communicating. Gemini are not born leaders and will usually defer that position to another. However, their clear thinking and creativity allow them to contribute positively to any project. While Gemini love to talk, they also make for a great audience. Overall, their light spirit and interest in almost everything make them wonderful company .

Sun Sextile or Trine Mars
Your optimism and energy make you attractive to most people. You love to compete and win, but manage not to be a sore loser. You are full of justified self-confidence that will take you a long ways towards success in any venture you attempt.

Sun Opposition or Square Uranus
Your independence and tendency to act on impulse may undermine anything remotely resembling stability in your life. You love risk and adventure. You are a rebel at heart and may find yourself at odds with authority from time to time. That which is unique and non-traditional has a tremendous draw on you.

Moon In Taurus
The placement of the Moon on your chart denotes a region of life you travel through based upon your instincts. The Moon's placement often points to emotional issues we must address.

Emotionally you are truly an "easy goer". You thrive on peace, not conflict and move through life at a steady pace. You're not one to have emotional outbursts or panic when situations get tough.

You are a bit of a hedonist and need a good amount of sensuality in your intimate relationships. You are extremely loyal and will do whatever possible to create a secure, warm environment for you and your loved ones.

You are very stubborn and headstrong. These qualities make you resistant to change. Many around you will find your stability very comforting—a shelter from the chaos life sends their way.

Mercury In Gemini
The position of Mercury on your chart will give you insight into how you communicate with others and learn.

You are inherently curious about everything around you. You love anything that challenges you mentally. However, you are bit of an intellectual gypsy, and rarely stay with any one subject long enough to fully understand it. Subjects simply grow stale very fast for you, and the next subject is a lure you cannot resist.

You learn very quickly and have the ability to see why things are the way they are and sometimes where they are going in the future. Indeed your intellectual powers are so strong you may be a bit of a visionary.

Mercury Sextile or Trine Saturn
Your mental self is marked by an incredible ability to remain focused. You approach problems logically and are irritated by those who seem to rely on intuiting solutions. You are detail oriented and have the tenacity to see even the longest project through to the end.

Venus In Aries
Where Venus appears on your chart will provide you with information on how you relate to others on an emotional level.

You are one who can fall in love on first sight. While you are not a doormat, you will go to extremes to gain the affection of those you are attracted to. Your attitude is if they are worth having they are worth working to get.

You are very open-minded and non-judgmental when it comes to joys of love. There isn't much you won't try or do to please your companion. However, while being able to feel deeply for others, you are not one to make long term commitments.

Once your love is won you tend to become selfish. You much prefer they make adjustments to fit your needs than you try to accommodate theirs. You are not one to decline momentary encounters to sate your physical needs.

Venus Opposition or Square Saturn
You are too serious to enjoy interactions like flirting and flings. You don"t do things for the fun of it. For you everything has a practical goal. You are wary of relationships regardless of their form. Much of your trepidation concerning relationships stems for a feeling of unworthiness.

Venus Sextile or Trine Neptune
You have a very idealistic view of love. Fortunately you realize that no one is perfect and have the ability to overlook the areas where your lover strays from your model of the perfect mate. You tend to be a giver. It is a role you enjoy. People with a strong artistic vent are probably very attractive to you.

Venus Opposition or Square Pluto
There seems to be no limit to your emotional being. Your passion is physically and spiritually fiery. Your need for love may border on insatiable. Jealousy and a need for control over your relationship"s direction may cause trouble.

Mars In Libra
Mars is the planet of action. Its placement on your chart will indicate your level of aggression and competitiveness.

You strive for balance between taking the role as leader and role as worker. You want to do things your way, but also want to have someone to answer to. This dichotomy can cause you tremendous mental friction. In any given situation you must decide what role you want to take before you act. For you questions like do you want to work independently or as a team member, or do you want to be a leader or a follower are ever-present. While this polarity does effect the quality of your work, it also keeps your output balanced and at least acceptable if not above average. The biggest problem your approach causes is the internal tension it creates.

Mars Sextile or Trine Uranus
You are full of energy and not afraid to make snap decisions. You like a bit of a risk factor in the projects you take on. You’re not really suited for long term projects since you need to see results all the time to remain interested. You make a far better team leader than you do a subordinate, because you simply do not take orders well.

Mars Opposition or Square Neptune
You are driven by your fantasy world. That said you are clearly best suited for a career in the arts where you have the opportunity to express yourself in a more abstract, cerebral way. You are not a high energy person, so long term projects may exhaust your energies before they are actually completed.

Jupiter In Scorpio
Jupiter deals with where the Universe is definitely on your side.

You desire to see things as they actually are. You are never satisfied with the short definition of anything. You are fearless when it comes to exploring for the sake of knowledge. You seem to have a vent for understanding things on a cosmic level. You are fascinated by the enigmatic and seek to explore the unknown.

Jupiter Conjunct Pluto
You have high expectations of yourself and the tools to meet them. You have ample energy and raw talent with which to chase your dreams. Although you are warm and friendly it is likely you usually socialize with people who might be able to help you attain your goals.

Saturn In Libra
Saturn probes our sense of inadequacy. Where Saturn is on your chart will provide a key to where you feel your weakest.

For you intimacy may be more of a chore than a pleasure.

Saturn Conjunct Pluto
You are not one to want to be center-stage. Indeed, you usually don’t want to be on the stage at all. You're always looking for ulterior motives to explain the behavior of others. Fear of becoming vulnerable keeps you from expressing your feelings and thoughts to others.

Uranus In Sagittarius
Because of distance Uranus is from the Sun, its astrological influence is measured in increments of 7 years. What this means is that the effects of Uranus influence an entire generation. The placement of Uranus on your chart denotes an area where you can expect the unexpected from the Universe and yourself.

Because of distance Uranus is from the Sun, its astrological influence is measured in increments of 7 years. What this means is that the effects of Uranus influence and entire generation.

Your generation is noted for their creative development, optimism and vision. Your focus general focus is on shaping the future. For your generation the here and now is simply a base from which to leap into tomorrow.

Neptune In Sagittarius
Because of distance Neptune is from the Sun, its astrological influence is generally measured in increments of 14 years. What this means is that the effects of Neptune will influence an entire generation in a like manner. Neptune is the Astrological Wildcard. The area in which Neptune appears on your chart is a place where there are no rules. Anything can happen.

You are member of a generation of dreamers and purveyors of the future. You and your contemporaries are very broad-minded and thrive on new forms of spirituality. Traditional religions are far too dogmatic to serve you well, so you are very likely to explore alternative routes to find your spiritual self.

Neptune Trine Pluto
You were born in a period when there was an underlying current of spiritual awareness prevailed. Collectively your generation has a desire to increase the depths of their spiritual self.

Pluto In Libra

Because of the distance Pluto is from the Sun, its astrological influence is generally measured in increments ranging from 12 to 30 years. What this means is that the effects of Pluto influence an entire generations.

The Pluto/Leo collective includes people born within a 12 year time span. Those under the Pluto/Leo influence want to improve how people communicate on both a social and personal level. You feel much of the world's problems stem from poor communication, so the best way to create a better world is to create more effective forms of relating to one another as individuals as well as groups.

People of this generation truly want to create a more harmonious world in which to live. To do so they are often quick to lessen the importance of their differences and concentrate on what is important to all humans.

More About Gemini
Famous Gemini:
H.R.H. Philip (Duke of Edinburgh), Sir Arthur Conan-Doyle, Marilyn Monroe, Judy Garland, Bob Hope, John F Kennedy, Walt Whitman, Al Jolson, Bob Dylan, Thomas Hardy, Miles Davis, Bob Dylan, Stravinsky, Confucius, Kirk Kerkorian and Paul McCartney

Ideal Occupations:
Geminis are well-suited to be explorers, writers, merchants, translators, publicists or talk show hosts.

Lucky Numbers: 3, 12, 21, 30, 48, 47

Gemini Are Usually Most Compatible With: Libra, Aquarius, or Gemini

Planet: Mercury

Element: Air

Star Stone: Emerald

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