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Natal Report for Kate Bush


Astrology Natal Horoscope and Birth Chart for
Kate Bush

Born: July 30, 1958


Planetary Positions at Birth
Sun:06° 49' in Leo
Moon:04° 25' in Aquarius
Mercury:03° 32' in Virgo
Venus:09° 57' in Cancer
Mars:05° 44' in Taurus
Jupiter:24° 14' in Libra
Saturn:19° 38' in Sagittarius
Uranus:11° 37' in Leo
Neptune:02° 03' in Scorpio
Pluto:01° 10' in Virgo
Conjunction: Jupiter Neptune 7º
Conjunction: Mercury Pluto 2º
Conjunction: Sun Uranus 4º
Opposition: Mars Neptune 3º
Opposition: Moon Uranus 7º
Opposition: Sun Moon 2º
Quincunx: Moon Mercury 0º
Semi-Sextile: Venus Uranus 1º
Sextile: Jupiter Saturn 4º
Sextile: Mercury Neptune 1º
Sextile: Neptune Pluto 0º
Sextile: Venus Mars 4º
Square: Mars Uranus 5º
Square: Moon Mars 1º
Square: Moon Neptune 2º
Square: Sun Mars 1º
Square: Sun Neptune 4º
Trine: Mars Pluto 4º
Trine: Mercury Mars 2º

The Sun in Leo
The Sun and its place on your chart are the most important information astrology can provide you with. Your most powerful energies and force-of-will are denoted by the Sun's position.

Traits: Generous, Warmhearted, Creative, Enthusiastic, Broad-Minded, Expansive, Faithful and Loving

Dark Traits: Pompous, Patronizing, Bossy, Interfering, Dogmatic and Intolerant

You were born during a period when the Sun was in Leo. Leo's charisma and innate ability to lead guarantee they will almost always be at center stage--a place where they love to be. Leos are so full of warmth and optimism it is impossible to not find their company pleasurable. Fearless, powerful and dignified by nature, Leos make great leaders. The force of their will guarantees any task they tackle will be completed.

While they may seem domineering, even despotic at times, their goal is always to ensure the well being of all those in their kingdom. Ever-confident Leos are also creative, idealistic and have an indefatigable lust for life. When leadership is required, a Leo is what is needed. They will get the job done right and on time. Leos also have a talent for bringing the very best out in those around them.

Warm-hearted Leos love to have fun, and will go out of their way to make sure those around them are having fun too! Leos love games of all kinds. They are risk takers and will plunge into new ventures on impulse, confident their talents will ensure success. Strong and honorable, optimistic and fun, few will find the Leo's charms easy to resist.

Sun Opposition or Square Moon
You feel your wants and desires are pulling you in different directions. For instance you may need to express your individuality to the maximum, but you desire a warm, loving relationship and the security of strong camaraderie. This dichotomy makes it difficult for those around you to tell what you want.

Sun Opposition or Square Mars
You sometimes display a devil-may-care attitude that borders on being out of control. Much energy and aggression emanates from you, which can if left unmanaged bellicose and difficult to be around.

Sun Conjunct Uranus
Your need for personal freedom often puts you at odds with those around you, and possibly the authorities who govern your community. You are a rebel at heart and find it very difficult if not impossible to fit quietly into traditional social roles.

Sun Opposition or Square Neptune
Your imagination never stops and provides you with a rich world of dreams and fantasies. You have an artist's soul and should be able to find roads to expression that fit you by exploring the arts. Life's harsher realities may be more than you can stand up to.

Moon In Aquarius
The placement of the Moon on your chart denotes a region of life you travel through based upon your instincts. The Moon's placement often points to emotional issues we must address.

Emotions simply don't impress you. Often you will appear emotionally shutdown to those around you. You seem to have complete control over your emotional self, so you control what and when and whom you develop feelings for.

Your need for friendships may be more important to you than having close family ties. Indeed you may avoid your family as much as possible. You develop numerous friendships with all sorts of people and cannot tolerate jealousy or anyone threatening your freedom to create a social circle composed of whomever you chose.

Moon Opposition or Square Mars
You are aggressive and full of energy, which if not used may vent itself by expressions of anger. Because you are more than a bit volatile you may be a hard person to live with, or even associate with on a regular basis.

Moon Opposition or Square Uranus
Oh how you hate routine! You need adventure and risk to keep your spirit charged. For you a world without challenges and wildcards would indeed be a desolate place. Your need for physical and emotional freedom makes having anything remotely resembling a normal home life difficult.

Moon Opposition or Square Neptune
You are a passive soul who does your best to avoid confrontation. Much of your cerebral life is devoted to your dreams and fantasies which provide you with shelter for reality's crueler moments. You have a sensitive side that is moved by the arts.

Mercury In Virgo
The position of Mercury on your chart will give you insight into how you communicate with others and learn.

You are the consummate problem solver! Indeed your mind feeds on intellectual problems. Your meticulous thinking allows you to project outcomes of scenarios based on a variety of actions. Because of this you would probably be a formidable opponent in a game of chess as well as a sound creator of plans of action.

Your thinking is very pragmatic. When your pragmatism is coupled with your ability to forecast the future, you are very capable of creating plans that will allow you to reach your goals with a minimum of effort.

Often you are slow to act, because you are not comfortable making decisions without having all available facts to factor into the equation. You will avoid making mental mistakes at all costs.

Mercury Sextile or Trine Mars
You love a dynamic conversation or heated debate. Your talent for speaking might make you an excellent attorney or advocate for a cause. You are very persuasive and sometimes able to sway even the most stubborn of people.

Mercury Sextile or Trine Neptune
You are attracted to avenues of thought which defy the rational. When allowed your imagination takes you to places most people don’t know exist. The arts probably attract you as a form of personal expression.

Venus In Cancer
Where Venus appears on your chart will provide you with information on how you relate to others on an emotional level.

There is nothing you won't do for your love partner. You physical expression of your love is both affectionate and passionate. You prefer sophisticated people who have a great depth of character and charm. You may also be attracted to more flamboyant types. Someone who always dresses well will impress you.

You are friendly and giving, which makes you very popular in your social circle. However, you do like to be at or near the center of attention at all times. Sometimes you may seem a little egotistical, but your need to please and express your affection quickly overpowers your need to be at the focus of things.

Venus Sextile or Trine Mars
Your romanticism is well balanced between giving and taking. You are instinctively warm and truly appreciate your mate. Generally you're sense of love is too sophisticated for anything vulgar. You're very sensitive to your mates needs.

Mars In Taurus
Mars is the planet of action. Its placement on your chart will indicate your level of aggression and competitiveness.

You are not quick to take on new goals, but once you have you will not allow anything to stop you from reaching your objective. Not even a chain of failures will deter you! Your goal will have your complete focus, and because you have the energy to see even the most difficult tasks through to fruition you usually do succeed.

You are best suited to focus your attention on projects that produce material results. Abstractions make neither good goals nor satisfactory rewards for you. This makes occupations like building contractor perfect for you, because you can see your results and receive payment for your efforts. You're definitely not one to put your valuable time into any project "for the fun of it."

Mars Opposition or Square Uranus
You are a dynamo who seems to have an endless reserve of mental and possibly physical energy. Your drive reach your goals may be so strong that you appear compulsive to others. You do not do well under the directions of others, so it is best that you have the role of leader or work on your own. When things do not go well your passions can erupt and tempers can flare. You are best suited for short term projects, since you get bored easily when you cannot see immediate progress.

Mars Opposition or Square Neptune
You are driven by your fantasy world. That said you are clearly best suited for a career in the arts where you have the opportunity to express yourself in a more abstract, cerebral way. You are not a high energy person, so long term projects may exhaust your energies before they are actually completed.

Mars Sextile or Trine Pluto
When you set a goal you focus all of your energies on reaching it. You have the will and positive attitude to bring nearly any project to a successful completion. Once focused on a gold it is unlikely you will waste much effort on dead-end digressions. Your rather quiet about your ambitions, which makes for quite a surprise when people realize how driven you are.

Jupiter In Libra
Jupiter deals with where the Universe is definitely on your side.

Your diplomatic skills and ability to keep things in balance make you a great team-player. People know you will treat them fairly and listen to their side of a story without bias. You have a knack for finding solutions that benefit all sides of a conflict.

Jupiter Sextile or Trine Saturn
While you are definitely and idealist in need of impacting the future, your realism provide you with a solid of sense of "what's possible." It is likely you enjoy a great deal of success. Your optimism and friendliness make it easy for you to enlist people to help you realize your ambitions.

Jupiter Conjunct Neptune
Your see the endless possibilities life has put before you and want to explore them. Because you spend so much time in your inner world, your notion of reality may be quite different than that of most. You tend to think in very large, even cosmic terms.

Saturn In Sagittarius
Saturn probes our sense of inadequacy. Where Saturn is on your chart will provide a key to where you feel your weakest.

You have a very rigid, doubt-filled view of all things spiritual that are not of your own making. You have little tolerance for the beliefs of others.

Uranus In Leo
Because of distance Uranus is from the Sun, its astrological influence is measured in increments of 7 years. What this means is that the effects of Uranus influence an entire generation. The placement of Uranus on your chart denotes an area where you can expect the unexpected from the Universe and yourself.

Your generation is marked by a highly developed sense of self-determination and pride that may border on arrogance. Your generation has a defiant streak that makes you very resistant to authority of any kind.

Neptune In Scorpio
Because of distance Neptune is from the Sun, its astrological influence is generally measured in increments of 14 years. What this means is that the effects of Neptune will influence an entire generation in a like manner. Neptune is the Astrological Wildcard. The area in which Neptune appears on your chart is a place where there are no rules. Anything can happen.

Your generation is blessed with an acute psychic awareness. They tend to enjoy, even thrive on exploring the unexplained. Many of your generation are attracted to non-western religions.

Neptune Trine Pluto
You were born in a period when there was an underlying current of spiritual awareness prevailed. Collectively your generation has a desire to increase the depths of their spiritual self.

Pluto In Virgo

Because of the distance Pluto is from the Sun, its astrological influence is generally measured in increments ranging from 12 to 30 years. What this means is that the effects of Pluto influence an entire generations.

The Pluto/Leo collective includes people born within a 15 year time span. The underlying focus of people effected by this astrological influence is the creating of a well defined, unbiased sense of right and wrong. They are intensely aware of the cruelties suffered by others and desire to see them cease. In that vein, much of their energy is spent righting wrongs and promoting a basic social ethic that protects all from malice.

While you do make a difference in the war against injustice, your inability to compromise does hamper the progress you strive for. Your group has an all or nothing attitude, and sometimes the end result of your efforts is nothing.

More About Leo
Famous Leos:
Mae West, Napoleon Bonaparte, Andy Warhol, Simon Bolivar, George Bernard Shaw, Maxfield Parish, Omar Khayyam, Peggy Fleming, Carl G. Jung, Stanley Kubrick, Mick Jagger, Jackie Onaissis, Charles Schwab, and Arnold Schwarzenegger

Ideal Occupations:
Leos are well-suited to be managers, architects, inventors, teachers, athletes and presidents.

Lucky Numbers: 5, 14, 13, 32, 41, 50

Leos Are Usually Most Compatible With: Sagittarius or Aries

Planet: The Sun

Element: Fire

Star Stone: Ruby

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