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Natal Report for Mila Kunis


Astrology Natal Horoscope and Birth Chart for
Mila Kunis

Born: August 14, 1983


Planetary Positions at Birth
Sun:21° 09' in Leo
Moon:08° 35' in Scorpio
Mercury:17° 59' in Virgo
Venus:07° 17' in Virgo
Mars:00° 32' in Leo
Jupiter:01° 27' in Sagittarius
Saturn:29° 17' in Libra
Uranus:05° 03' in Sagittarius
Neptune:26° 37' in Sagittarius
Pluto:27° 01' in Libra
Conjunction: Jupiter Uranus 3º
Conjunction: Saturn Pluto 2º
Semi-Sextile: Jupiter Saturn 2º
Sextile: Moon Venus 1º
Sextile: Neptune Pluto 0º
Sextile: Saturn Neptune 2º
Square: Mars Pluto 3º
Square: Mars Saturn 1º
Square: Venus Jupiter 5º
Square: Venus Uranus 2º
Trine: Mars Jupiter 0º
Trine: Mars Uranus 4º
Trine: Sun Neptune 5º

The Sun in Leo
The Sun and its place on your chart are the most important information astrology can provide you with. Your most powerful energies and force-of-will are denoted by the Sun's position.

Traits: Generous, Warmhearted, Creative, Enthusiastic, Broad-Minded, Expansive, Faithful and Loving

Dark Traits: Pompous, Patronizing, Bossy, Interfering, Dogmatic and Intolerant

You were born during a period when the Sun was in Leo. Leo's charisma and innate ability to lead guarantee they will almost always be at center stage--a place where they love to be. Leos are so full of warmth and optimism it is impossible to not find their company pleasurable. Fearless, powerful and dignified by nature, Leos make great leaders. The force of their will guarantees any task they tackle will be completed.

While they may seem domineering, even despotic at times, their goal is always to ensure the well being of all those in their kingdom. Ever-confident Leos are also creative, idealistic and have an indefatigable lust for life. When leadership is required, a Leo is what is needed. They will get the job done right and on time. Leos also have a talent for bringing the very best out in those around them.

Warm-hearted Leos love to have fun, and will go out of their way to make sure those around them are having fun too! Leos love games of all kinds. They are risk takers and will plunge into new ventures on impulse, confident their talents will ensure success. Strong and honorable, optimistic and fun, few will find the Leo's charms easy to resist.

Sun Sextile or Trine Neptune
You have a well developed artistic side that is match by an attraction to mysticism. Your spirituality influences every aspect of your life. You're certainly not the most pragmatic person, but people with your level of creativity rarely are.

Moon In Scorpio
The placement of the Moon on your chart denotes a region of life you travel through based upon your instincts. The Moon's placement often points to emotional issues we must address.

You are not an easy person to get to truly know. It is very rare for you to show your true self to anyone. This reluctance to express your feelings openly is steeped in a fear of being exposed to attack.

Despite your cautious approach to showing your emotions, your passions run deep. Emotionally, there are very few gray areas for you. You either love something or you hate it. You make a supreme ally for those who you love. To enemies you are a formidable adversary.

You have trouble letting go of past wrongs you've suffered. Because you are so reluctant to express your feelings the pains you feel tend to well up inside you. Your fear of emotional vulnerability makes you want to be the sole manager of your relationships.

Moon Sextile or Trine Venus
You have a marvelous gift for letting those you love know how deeply you care for them. Your loved ones are very comfortable around you, because they know that while you ay not agree with them, you do accept them for who they are

Mercury In Virgo
The position of Mercury on your chart will give you insight into how you communicate with others and learn.

You are the consummate problem solver! Indeed your mind feeds on intellectual problems. Your meticulous thinking allows you to project outcomes of scenarios based on a variety of actions. Because of this you would probably be a formidable opponent in a game of chess as well as a sound creator of plans of action.

Your thinking is very pragmatic. When your pragmatism is coupled with your ability to forecast the future, you are very capable of creating plans that will allow you to reach your goals with a minimum of effort.

Often you are slow to act, because you are not comfortable making decisions without having all available facts to factor into the equation. You will avoid making mental mistakes at all costs.

Venus In Virgo
Where Venus appears on your chart will provide you with information on how you relate to others on an emotional level.

While you are truly a loving person who is both caring and deeply romantic, you can be a bit too reliant on your loved ones. They can no more sate your every need than you can theirs. You are not one to create conflict in a relationship. You will do whatever you can to keep things peaceful and harmonious.

In matters of the heart you tend to take the plunge before taking the time to see if you and your partner are really right for each other. This approach can lead to some gigantic let-downs for you. Still your need to love and be loved is so strong that any false starts will only slow you down for a short time.

You are an aesthete. Art in almost any form moves you.

Venus Opposition or Square Jupiter
You make are very giving friend and lover. What"s yours is available to all. Generally your relationships tend to be easy going and successful. Your warm nature and willingness to make allowances for the needs of others makes you a charm to be around. Ideally you will settle with someone who give you a good deal of personal freedom.

Venus Opposition or Square Uranus
About the only thing you do quicker than falling in love is falling out of love. Your affairs of the heart tend to begin with massive amounts of unrestrained passion, but this high state of energy ends quickly and boredom sets in. Also your need for personal freedom quickly makes any traditional relationship feel a bit oppressive.

Mars In Leo
Mars is the planet of action. Its placement on your chart will indicate your level of aggression and competitiveness.

A Leo in Mars is a very proud spirit in need of being recognized for his excellence. You are extremely ambitious and are driven by your ego to reach the pinnacle of success. You truly want to be the best at whatever you do.

Because you feel you are a natural leader you do much better giving orders than you do taking them. You are full of energy and love competition. For you winning is extremely important. You thrive on the admiration and approval of others. However, while you love to bask in the glories of victory, losses never stop haunting you.

Mars Sextile or Trine Jupiter
You have the spirit of an entrepreneur. Your positive attitude and ability to focus on reaching your goals makes success almost a certainty for you. Your goals usually are on a grand scope and have an eye towards future events. You never tire of succeeding, which tends to make you move from one project to the next quickly.

Mars Opposition or Square Saturn
You are capable of taking long term projects to a successful end. Setbacks do not deter you from moving forward. You are not reluctant to sacrifice to bring a project to a successful end. While you usually exhibit a good deal of self-control, constant setbacks may make you display your temper. Generally it is best you work alone.

Mars Sextile or Trine Uranus
You are full of energy and not afraid to make snap decisions. You like a bit of a risk factor in the projects you take on. You’re not really suited for long term projects since you need to see results all the time to remain interested. You make a far better team leader than you do a subordinate, because you simply do not take orders well.

Mars Opposition or Square Pluto
Your strength of will is enormous and you are passionate about attaining your goals. You may become so focused on a goal that you lose perspective on life as a whole. You tend to be secretive about your true aspirations. Those working with you may not know exactly why they are doing what they are doing.

Jupiter In Sagittarius
Jupiter deals with where the Universe is definitely on your side.

You have a talent for not only seeing "the big picture," but for helping shape its future as well. For you life is an adventure and the world exist for you to explore. While you are essentially a free thinker and try to respect the views of others there are times when the strength of your convictions makes you a bit close-minded and intolerant of other’s thinking.

Jupiter Conjunct Uranus
You approach fulfilling your ambitions with optimism and a game like attitude. Indeed you sometimes see projects and the attainment of the target goal as a game. You are likely able to turn almost anything into fun.

Saturn In Libra
Saturn probes our sense of inadequacy. Where Saturn is on your chart will provide a key to where you feel your weakest.

For you intimacy may be more of a chore than a pleasure.

Saturn Sextile or Trine Neptune
You are quick and accurate judge of other people’s sincerity and inner-motivations. Your ability to see what truly makes people run may make you misjudge the breadth of your wisdom.

Saturn Conjunct Pluto
You are not one to want to be center-stage. Indeed, you usually don’t want to be on the stage at all. You're always looking for ulterior motives to explain the behavior of others. Fear of becoming vulnerable keeps you from expressing your feelings and thoughts to others.

Uranus In Sagittarius
Because of distance Uranus is from the Sun, its astrological influence is measured in increments of 7 years. What this means is that the effects of Uranus influence an entire generation. The placement of Uranus on your chart denotes an area where you can expect the unexpected from the Universe and yourself.

Because of distance Uranus is from the Sun, its astrological influence is measured in increments of 7 years. What this means is that the effects of Uranus influence and entire generation.

Your generation is noted for their creative development, optimism and vision. Your focus general focus is on shaping the future. For your generation the here and now is simply a base from which to leap into tomorrow.

Neptune In Sagittarius
Because of distance Neptune is from the Sun, its astrological influence is generally measured in increments of 14 years. What this means is that the effects of Neptune will influence an entire generation in a like manner. Neptune is the Astrological Wildcard. The area in which Neptune appears on your chart is a place where there are no rules. Anything can happen.

You are member of a generation of dreamers and purveyors of the future. You and your contemporaries are very broad-minded and thrive on new forms of spirituality. Traditional religions are far too dogmatic to serve you well, so you are very likely to explore alternative routes to find your spiritual self.

Neptune Trine Pluto
You were born in a period when there was an underlying current of spiritual awareness prevailed. Collectively your generation has a desire to increase the depths of their spiritual self.

Pluto In Libra

Because of the distance Pluto is from the Sun, its astrological influence is generally measured in increments ranging from 12 to 30 years. What this means is that the effects of Pluto influence an entire generations.

The Pluto/Leo collective includes people born within a 12 year time span. Those under the Pluto/Leo influence want to improve how people communicate on both a social and personal level. You feel much of the world's problems stem from poor communication, so the best way to create a better world is to create more effective forms of relating to one another as individuals as well as groups.

People of this generation truly want to create a more harmonious world in which to live. To do so they are often quick to lessen the importance of their differences and concentrate on what is important to all humans.

More About Leo
Famous Leos:
Mae West, Napoleon Bonaparte, Andy Warhol, Simon Bolivar, George Bernard Shaw, Maxfield Parish, Omar Khayyam, Peggy Fleming, Carl G. Jung, Stanley Kubrick, Mick Jagger, Jackie Onaissis, Charles Schwab, and Arnold Schwarzenegger

Ideal Occupations:
Leos are well-suited to be managers, architects, inventors, teachers, athletes and presidents.

Lucky Numbers: 5, 14, 13, 32, 41, 50

Leos Are Usually Most Compatible With: Sagittarius or Aries

Planet: The Sun

Element: Fire

Star Stone: Ruby

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