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Natal Report for Sofía Vergara


Astrology Natal Horoscope and Birth Chart for
Sofía Vergara

Born: July 10, 1972


Planetary Positions at Birth
Sun:18° 19' in Cancer
Moon:14° 05' in Cancer
Mercury:14° 42' in Leo
Venus:18° 15' in Gemini
Mars:07° 30' in Leo
Jupiter:01° 26' in Capricorn
Saturn:15° 06' in Gemini
Uranus:14° 18' in Libra
Neptune:02° 44' in Sagittarius
Pluto:29° 32' in Virgo
Conjunction: Mercury Mars 7º
Conjunction: Sun Moon 4º
Conjunction: Venus Saturn 3º
Semi-Sextile: Jupiter Neptune 1º
Semi-Sextile: Moon Mercury 0º
Semi-Sextile: Moon Saturn 1º
Semi-Sextile: Sun Venus 0º
Sextile: Mercury Saturn 0º
Sextile: Mercury Uranus 0º
Sextile: Mercury Venus 3º
Sextile: Neptune Pluto 3º
Square: Jupiter Pluto 1º
Square: Moon Uranus 0º
Square: Sun Uranus 4º
Trine: Mars Neptune 4º
Trine: Saturn Uranus 0º
Trine: Venus Uranus 3º

The Sun in Cancer
The Sun and its place on your chart are the most important information astrology can provide you with. Your most powerful energies and force-of-will are denoted by the Sun's position.

Traits: Emotional, Loving, Intuitive, Imaginative, Shrewd, Cautious, Protective and Sympathetic

Dark Traits: Changeable, Moody, Overemotional, Touchy, Clinging and Unable To Let Go

You were born during a period when the Sun was in Cancer. The Cancer's first love is its home and family. They love to nurture those around them. No sacrifice is too large to ensure their home is secure and their loved ones are safe and happy. They are very kind and sharing. Cancers are also very moody, and often retreat into themselves to regenerate, or sometimes sulk. The quickest way for them to rebound from such moments is to do what they do best: nurture others.

Cancers can be very iron-willed and like to have things their way. They are very sensitive to slights and hurt easily. When pained Cancers will retreat into themselves and brood. Although generally they do not like confrontation, Cancers are not above seeking revenge against those that hurt them. Cancers are compassionate and freely show their affection for others. They will set their problems aside to assist others in solving theirs. Being extremely intuitive, they often know what is upsetting someone without being told. They are great communicators and can often help those in trouble with just a few words.

Overall, Cancers are quite gregarious. They love to socialize with their friends and family. Their need to care for those in their circle makes them an asset to any family.

Sun Conjunct Moon
You are not one to look beyond yourself for ideas concerning how to live your life. You know what you want and how to get it. You do not allow others to intrude into your business and you stay out of theirs. Time spent in quiet solitude is beneficial to you.

Sun Opposition or Square Uranus
Your independence and tendency to act on impulse may undermine anything remotely resembling stability in your life. You love risk and adventure. You are a rebel at heart and may find yourself at odds with authority from time to time. That which is unique and non-traditional has a tremendous draw on you.

Moon In Cancer
The placement of the Moon on your chart denotes a region of life you travel through based upon your instincts. The Moon's placement often points to emotional issues we must address.

You are very in-touch with your emotional self--so much so that seem to dominate your behavior at times. Although your mood swings may not be frequent, they are extreme and so overt as to often perplex those around you. While you can be warm and loving towards family and friends, you do need time alone to reenergize.

You are compassionate and respect the feelings of others. You expect the same respect in return. You tend to keep track of offenses suffered. While you will forgive those who upset you, it is not likely you will forget.

Moon Opposition or Square Uranus
Oh how you hate routine! You need adventure and risk to keep your spirit charged. For you a world without challenges and wildcards would indeed be a desolate place. Your need for physical and emotional freedom makes having anything remotely resembling a normal home life difficult.

Mercury In Leo
The position of Mercury on your chart will give you insight into how you communicate with others and learn.

You have a very healthy mental self. Your mind is energetic and you always eager to immerse yourself in studying whatever it is that currently interest you. Your method of thinking is very consistent and logical, which allows you to excel at planning things. You have the ability to stay focused and absorb a great deal of knowledge quickly.

You like crowds and do not shy away from the limelight. Giving a speech should be a cakewalk for you. You understand your native tongue and have a talent with words which could easily let you follow a career in writing .

You approach to most things is laid-back. This can be a problem when a more serious stance is needed. You are somewhat dogmatic, and not too accepting of opinions that differ from your own.

Mercury Sextile or Trine Venus
You have a love of the arts and innate sense of style. Your creativity makes you a natural to pursue a career in the arts. Unlike many with a talent for the arts you do well in social settings. Your charm and sense of humor make you attractive to a wide variety of people.

Mercury Conjunct Mars
Being both articulate and a bit outspoken makes you a perfect participant in almost any debate. A heated barrage of words does not intimidate you. Your analytical mind allows you to find the flaws in the thinking of others quickly. At times your candor can be a bit irritating or offensive to those exposed to it. Fields requiring an adept tongue and clear thinking are well suited to your abilities.

Mercury Sextile or Trine Saturn
Your mental self is marked by an incredible ability to remain focused. You approach problems logically and are irritated by those who seem to rely on intuiting solutions. You are detail oriented and have the tenacity to see even the longest project through to the end.

Mercury Sextile or Trine Uranus
You are not one to take orders. Your thought processes are keen, but they need absolute freedom to be at their strongest. Chaos and confusion provide opportunity for you to be creative. While you have a keen analytical mind, your true powers lie in your mind’s ability to think serendipitously. You are always searching for problems to feed to your mind.

Venus In Gemini
Where Venus appears on your chart will provide you with information on how you relate to others on an emotional level.

You are not the type to settle down with one person quickly. You like to "play the proverbial field." You love to flirt. When you do enter a relationship your need for friendship and intellectual stimulus from your partner equals or even surpasses your need for love.

You are a deep well of emotional and sexual energy, and may well share your energies with more than one person at a time. You like new experiences and variety in your relationships. Unfortunately your need to rove may hurt those who get involved with you.

Venus Conjunct Saturn
You are not very comfortable with deep emotional relationships. For you, the depth of feeling of those who show an interest in you is always suspect. Your lack of self-confidence makes you question your worthiness to be loved.

Venus Sextile or Trine Uranus
Your attitude towards love may be a bit unorthodox. You need a great deal of emotional and physical freedom. You're capable of great depth of feeling but unable to sustain it over the long haul. You love the initial passion that flows with a new love. Security and the comfort of a long term traditional relationship probably bore you.

Mars In Leo
Mars is the planet of action. Its placement on your chart will indicate your level of aggression and competitiveness.

A Leo in Mars is a very proud spirit in need of being recognized for his excellence. You are extremely ambitious and are driven by your ego to reach the pinnacle of success. You truly want to be the best at whatever you do.

Because you feel you are a natural leader you do much better giving orders than you do taking them. You are full of energy and love competition. For you winning is extremely important. You thrive on the admiration and approval of others. However, while you love to bask in the glories of victory, losses never stop haunting you.

Mars Sextile or Trine Neptune
Although you are quite an idealist you do manage to apply your lofty ideas to the real world in a useful way. You will do best in the arts or some other occupation where you can beautify our world.

Jupiter In Capricorn
Jupiter deals with where the Universe is definitely on your side.

You are very clear thinker and planner. You love order and pride yourself in your ability to stay on task to completion. You are a perfectionist and will not allow yourself to do any job at a level that is lower than your best.

Jupiter Opposition or Square Pluto
You think in very large terms and usually aim to effect the future. Attaining your goals is all important to you. You are likely to socialize with people who can help you realize your dreams.

Saturn In Gemini
You harbor self-doubts concerning your intelligence. Social spontaneity is likely to be very difficult for you.

Saturn Sextile or Trine Uranus
You have the ability to bring innovation to projects. You understand that new ideas need to have practical applications to justify there use, so you waste little time with the superfluous.

Uranus In Libra
Because of distance Uranus is from the Sun, its astrological influence is measured in increments of 7 years. What this means is that the effects of Uranus influence an entire generation. The placement of Uranus on your chart denotes an area where you can expect the unexpected from the Universe and yourself.

Because of distance Uranus is from the Sun, its astrological influence is measured in increments of 7 years. What this means is that the effects of Uranus influence and entire generation.

Your generation is noted by its efforts to change the way traditional family relationships are defined. You tend to see all family members as equals. You desire to create relationships based less on possession and hierarchy and more on autonomy and parity.

Neptune In Sagittarius
Because of distance Neptune is from the Sun, its astrological influence is generally measured in increments of 14 years. What this means is that the effects of Neptune will influence an entire generation in a like manner. Neptune is the Astrological Wildcard. The area in which Neptune appears on your chart is a place where there are no rules. Anything can happen.

You are member of a generation of dreamers and purveyors of the future. You and your contemporaries are very broad-minded and thrive on new forms of spirituality. Traditional religions are far too dogmatic to serve you well, so you are very likely to explore alternative routes to find your spiritual self.

Neptune Trine Pluto
You were born in a period when there was an underlying current of spiritual awareness prevailed. Collectively your generation has a desire to increase the depths of their spiritual self.

Pluto In Virgo

Because of the distance Pluto is from the Sun, its astrological influence is generally measured in increments ranging from 12 to 30 years. What this means is that the effects of Pluto influence an entire generations.

The Pluto/Leo collective includes people born within a 15 year time span. The underlying focus of people effected by this astrological influence is the creating of a well defined, unbiased sense of right and wrong. They are intensely aware of the cruelties suffered by others and desire to see them cease. In that vein, much of their energy is spent righting wrongs and promoting a basic social ethic that protects all from malice.

While you do make a difference in the war against injustice, your inability to compromise does hamper the progress you strive for. Your group has an all or nothing attitude, and sometimes the end result of your efforts is nothing.

More About Cancer
Famous Cancers:
Bill Cosby, Henry VIII, Princess Diana, Mike Tyson, Julius Caesar, Nelson Mandela, Rembrandt, H. Ross Perot, Dan Aykroyd, Geraldo Rivera, Ringo, Buckminster Fuller, Alexander the Great, Estée Lauder, and Marshall McLuhan

Ideal Occupations:
Cancers are well-suited to be doctors, pharmacists, teachers, nutritionists, chefs, realtors -- any position in which they can feel truly useful.

Lucky Numbers: 4, 13, 22, 31, 40, 48, 57

Cancers Are Usually Most Compatible With: Scorpio or Pisces

Planet: The Moon

Element: Water

Star Stone: Pearl

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