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Natal Report for Walt Disney


Astrology Natal Horoscope and Birth Chart for
Walt Disney

Born: December 5, 1901


Planetary Positions at Birth
Sun:12° 41' in Sagittarius
Moon:11° 52' in Libra
Mercury:27° 47' in Scorpio
Venus:29° 56' in Capricorn
Mars:08° 38' in Capricorn
Jupiter:15° 26' in Capricorn
Saturn:14° 47' in Capricorn
Uranus:16° 49' in Sagittarius
Neptune:00° 25' in Cancer
Pluto:17° 47' in Gemini
Conjunction: Jupiter Saturn 0º
Conjunction: Mars Jupiter 6º
Conjunction: Mars Saturn 6º
Conjunction: Sun Uranus 4º
Opposition: Sun Pluto 5º
Opposition: Uranus Pluto 0º
Quincunx: Jupiter Pluto 2º
Quincunx: Mercury Neptune 2º
Quincunx: Saturn Pluto 2º
Quincunx: Venus Neptune 0º
Semi-Sextile: Jupiter Uranus 1º
Semi-Sextile: Saturn Uranus 2º
Semi-Sextile: Sun Jupiter 2º
Semi-Sextile: Sun Saturn 2º
Sextile: Mercury Venus 2º
Sextile: Moon Uranus 4º
Sextile: Sun Moon 0º
Square: Moon Jupiter 3º
Square: Moon Mars 3º
Square: Moon Saturn 2º
Trine: Moon Pluto 5º

The Sun in Sagittarius
The Sun and its place on your chart are the most important information astrology can provide you with. Your most powerful energies and force-of-will are denoted by the Sun's position.

Traits: Optimistic, Freedom-Loving, Jovial, Good-Humored, Honest, Straightforward, Intellectual and Philosophical

Dark Traits: Blindly Optimistic, Careless, Irresponsible, Superficial, Tactless and Restless

You were born during a period when the Sun was in Sagittarius. While Sagittarians are the nomads of the Zodiac, they do not wander aimlessly. They are seekers of the truth and will go anywhere and talk to anyone for answers to their questions. Knowledge and wisdom drive them and provide the energy for their liberal approach to life. Sagittarians are drawn to the philosophical and spiritual because these subjects provide answers to the questions that burn inside them.

Sagittarians are the intellectuals of the Zodiac. They are lucid thinkers who appreciate others agreeing with their conclusions. Sometimes they are so confident their deductions are beyond dispute they become dogmatic and argumentative. Still, the Sagittarian quest for information drives them to listen to anyone and absorb what they find useful and quickly disregard the rest.

It is the nature of Sagittarians to roam freely. If they feel intellectually or physically restricted they may become bad-tempered very quickly. When Sagittarians are given the freedom they need they are kind, optimistic, lucky and not afraid of taking an occasional risk. They are also a charming lot who can be self-indulgent procrastinators. Overall, Sagittarians allowed the freedom they need are a delight to be around.

Sun Sextile or Trine Moon
Your confidence to forge ahead towards reaching your goals is largely based in knowing you have the backing of your family and friends. You've managed to establish an excellent balance between your need for autonomy and your need for warm, loving relationships.

Sun Conjunct Uranus
Your need for personal freedom often puts you at odds with those around you, and possibly the authorities who govern your community. You are a rebel at heart and find it very difficult if not impossible to fit quietly into traditional social roles.

Sun Opposition or Square Pluto
You are seeker of power. You want to be known and remembered as someone special. Although you hide the force of your ambitions well, within you lies the potential for fanaticism.

Moon In Libra
The placement of the Moon on your chart denotes a region of life you travel through based upon your instincts. The Moon's placement often points to emotional issues we must address.

You are seeker of the "Peaceable Kingdom." You will go to any length to create a conflict-free, pleasant environment for you and your loved ones. Your gift is the ability to traverse the differences between people and create unity and harmony amongst them. You give warmth to all and make every effort to make everyone feel accepted. While you appear to be on an even keel, you wrestle with your inner-self over what direction to take in your life.

Moon Opposition or Square Mars
You are aggressive and full of energy, which if not used may vent itself by expressions of anger. Because you are more than a bit volatile you may be a hard person to live with, or even associate with on a regular basis.

Moon Opposition or Square Jupiter
You are not one to dwell on yours' or the faults' of others. Because you are so big-hearted and giving you probably have a large set of friends that come from all circles of life. Being a giving person it is likely you are taken advantage of from time to time, but that doesnt deter you from being warm and generous.

Moon Opposition or Square Saturn
You have moments of serious self-doubt. To you it sometimes seems who you are just isn't enough. Your inability to see your intrinsic value makes you hypersensitive to the criticisms of others. While you want to be a part of the human experience around you, fear or rejection makes it difficult for you make a place for yourself amongst a group of people. Instead you tend to retreat into yourself where it is lonely but safe.

Moon Sextile or Trine Uranus
Your lack of inhibitions and innate humor make you the life of any party. You can be counted on to do the unexpected. To be at your best you must have a tremendous amount of personal freedom. You are always in pursuit of both emotional and physical stimulation.

Moon Sextile or Trine Pluto
You thrive on intense emotional situations and unrestrained passion. The world's many mysteries enthrall you. Although deeply emotional, you are very good at keeping your feelings in check when events call for a cool head and clear thinking.

Mercury In Scorpio
The position of Mercury on your chart will give you insight into how you communicate with others and learn.

You are not only capable of very deep thinking, you enjoy it as well. You love to find the exact reason behind why things are the way they are. For you problem solving is more of a game than a chore. Your sharp powers of observation and analytical mind would make you an excellent detective.

You keep your knowledge to yourself. You are not one to reveal sensitive information freely. Your ability to keep secrets often makes you appear a bit mysterious. However, people know you will not reveal their more delicate data, so you often find yourself privy to personal knowledge you may prefer not to have.

You are a bit obsessive about your interests and find it difficult to move on to other things. At time this can make your thinking a bit limited in scope. Overall you have a sound mind capable of very deep thought.

Mercury Sextile or Trine Venus
You have a love of the arts and innate sense of style. Your creativity makes you a natural to pursue a career in the arts. Unlike many with a talent for the arts you do well in social settings. Your charm and sense of humor make you attractive to a wide variety of people.

Venus In Capricorn
Where Venus appears on your chart will provide you with information on how you relate to others on an emotional level.

You appear to be a cool character. Your are not one to express your emotions towards others before analyzing their personality thoroughly. When someone does pass your inspection and carve a place in your heart you are very loyal to them and will go to extremes to satisfy their needs.

Socially, you are not one to just let your hair down. You prefer to hide behind a façade of formality until you understand and are comfortable with the situation. Once comfortable you may quickly become the life of the party.

Mars In Capricorn
Mars is the planet of action. Its placement on your chart will indicate your level of aggression and competitiveness.

You are not one to take on speculative projects. Your goals are grounded in a need to see solid, measurable results. You have a disciplined, unswerving work ethic to rely on to reach your goals. Success is so important to you, you much prefer to take on the role of project leader. Because of your pragmatic approach, talent for analysis and ability to create a viable project strategy you usually make an excellent leader.

Once committed to a project you are not reluctant to make sacrifices to bring it to success. You have to be wary of allowing your work to become an addiction. There really are other things in the world for you to enjoy.

Mars Conjunct Jupiter
Your optimism, high level of energy and love of a challenge make it difficult to see you failing at anything. When your efforts don't meet your expectations you will consider them "lessons on the road to success." You are very adept at building on your successes to reach even higher goals. People sense your penchant for success and join your ranks with little need of persuasion.

Mars Conjunct Saturn
You take a very serious approach to attaining your goals. You look at all aspects of a project analytically before actually starting, so there is very little room for the unexpected to create setbacks. You are well suited to long term projects, because you have the force of will and willingness to sacrifice to see them through.

Jupiter In Capricorn
Jupiter deals with where the Universe is definitely on your side.

You are very clear thinker and planner. You love order and pride yourself in your ability to stay on task to completion. You are a perfectionist and will not allow yourself to do any job at a level that is lower than your best.

Jupiter Conjunct Saturn
You are not likely to reach beyond your grasp. Having a good measure of reality allows you to set your goals to aim for what is possible. You approach projects with a well disciplined, analytical vent and the staying power to see even the longest projects through to a successful end. Its probable you underestimate your abilities at times.

Saturn In Capricorn
Saturn probes our sense of inadequacy. Where Saturn is on your chart will provide a key to where you feel your weakest.

You tend to take life very seriously. Indeed you may find it very difficult to have fun. For you life revolves around completing tasks, and to that end will sacrifice almost anything.

Uranus In Sagittarius
Because of distance Uranus is from the Sun, its astrological influence is measured in increments of 7 years. What this means is that the effects of Uranus influence an entire generation. The placement of Uranus on your chart denotes an area where you can expect the unexpected from the Universe and yourself.

Because of distance Uranus is from the Sun, its astrological influence is measured in increments of 7 years. What this means is that the effects of Uranus influence and entire generation.

Your generation is noted for their creative development, optimism and vision. Your focus general focus is on shaping the future. For your generation the here and now is simply a base from which to leap into tomorrow.

Uranus Square Pluto
You were born in a period when there was an underlying current of restlessness and need for extreme personal freedom prevailed. You are totally intolerant of restrictions on your right to go your own way. As a group you are quick to join the fight against repression.

Neptune In Cancer
Because of distance Neptune is from the Sun, its astrological influence is generally measured in increments of 14 years. What this means is that the effects of Neptune will influence an entire generation in a like manner. Neptune is the Astrological Wildcard. The area in which Neptune appears on your chart is a place where there are no rules. Anything can happen.

Your generation tends to express their spirituality through their emotions. You're not one to dwell on specific religious issues. Your group is particularly sentimental in their overall outlook. You long for what was good but now part of the past.

Pluto In Gemini

Because of the distance Pluto is from the Sun, its astrological influence is generally measured in increments ranging from 12 to 30 years. What this means is that the effects of Pluto influence entire generations.

The Pluto/Gemini collective includes people born within a 30 year period. Your group is noted for their laid-back, fun loving approach to life. You're too busy having fun to be overly emotional. Your group has a tremendous talent for unraveling brainteasers. You will apply this talent to the mysteries of mathematics with great success.

Although you are a playful group you do have a serious side that will further the development of education. It is important to your age group that the benefits of education are available to everyone, so much of your energy will be spent devising ways to ensure everyone receives as good an education as possible.

More About Sagittarius
Famous Sagitarians:
Sir Winston Churchill, Ludwig van Beethoven, Mark Twain, Francis Albert Sinatra, Jim Morrison, Walt Disney, Dale Carnegie, Bruce Lee, Steven Spielberg , Phil Donahue, Jane Fonda, Uri Geller, and the Dali-Lama

Ideal Occupations:
Sagittarians are well-suited to careers as travel agents, explorers, professors, photographers, ambassadors, import-export traders and thrill-seekers.

Lucky Numbers: 9, 18, 27, 36, 45, 54

Sagitarians Are Usually Most Compatible With: Aries or Leo

Planet: Jupiter

Element: Fire

Star Stone: Topaz

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